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Akamas Cruises from Latchi Harbor

Set Sail from Latchi Harbor

Explore the Stunning Akamas Peninsula with our Glass Bottom Boat

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Mediterranean One as we unveil the breathtaking beauty of the Akamas Peninsula. Our glass bottom boat cruises provide an unparalleled opportunity to explore the vibrant marine life and stunning landscapes.

Blue Lagoon's Best Anchorage spot:

Our boat anchors proudly ahead of the pack in Blue Lagoon, offering the closest proximity to the serene shoreline.

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Latchi Harbor to Blue Lagoon boat cruises

Choose from three daily cruises, each offering its own enchanting experience

Morning Cruise

TIME 10:30 - 13:15
ADULTS €20 €17 (online offer)
KIDS €12

Start your day with tranquility as you set sail along the rugged coastline of the Akamas Peninsula. Witness the golden hues of sunrise illuminating the cliffs and caves, and keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins dancing in the morning light.

Afternoon Cruise

TIME 13:30 - 16:30
ADULTS €20 €17 (online offer)
KIDS €12

Escape the heat of the day and immerse yourself in the cool, refreshing waters of the Mediterranean. Explore hidden coves and secluded beaches, and dive beneath the surface to uncover the vibrant marine life teeming below.

Sunset Cruise

TIME 17:00 - 20:00
ADULTS €20 €17 (online offer)
KIDS €12

As the sun begins to set, join us for a magical twilight adventure. Watch as the sky transforms into a canvas of colors, casting a golden glow over the tranquil waters. Toast to another day well spent as you sip on a glass of wine and soak in the beauty of the Akamas Peninsula at dusk.

Blue Lagoon - Idyllic turquoise lagoon for swimming and snorkeling in Akamas Peninsula
MEDITERRANEAN ONE - Akamas Peninsula Cruises from Latchi Harbor to Blue Lagoon

Our cruise destinations along Akamas penisula

Explore an enchanting voyage across the Akamas Peninsula, where a realm of natural marvels and age-old tales awaits your discovery. From the legendary Baths of Aphrodite to the serene St. George Church, each destination offers a unique glimpse into the rich heritage and breathtaking beauty of this Mediterranean paradise. Join us as we explore secluded bays, mystical sea caves, and the renowned Blue Lagoon, promising unforgettable experiences and cherished memories at every turn

  1. Baths of Aphrodite
  2. St. George Church
  3. St. George Island
  4. Blaji Bay (Ancient Theatre)
  5. Manolis Sea Caves
  6. Blue Lagoon (Swim Place)
  7. Fontana Amorosa
  8. Cape Arnaoutis
Experience the Magic of Mediterranean One's Cruises in Akamas

Capturing Moments of Joy in Blue Lagoon

Your Ultimate Sea Adventure in Paphos

Why Choose Mediterranean One?

  • Glass Bottom Experience: Explore the underwater world without getting wet.
  • Expert Guides: Learn about the rich history and biodiversity of the Akamas Peninsula from our experienced crew.
  • Comfort and Delight: Settle in, unwind, and savor the journey aboard our spacious glass bottom boat, where complimentary wine and fresh fruits await your enjoyment.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Create memories to last a lifetime as you discover the hidden treasures of the Akamas Peninsula with Mediterranean One.
MEDITERRANEAN ONE - Akamas Peninsula Cruises from Latchi Harbor to Blue Lagoon
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Maditerranean One glass bottom boat

Private events

Private Evening Cruises

Experience exclusivity and intimacy with our private evening cruises aboard the Mediterranean One.

From 17:00 to 20:00, immerse yourself in a personalized setting against the backdrop of the stunning Akamas Peninsula.

Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any special occasion, our private cruises offer tailor-made experiences and optional food ordering packages.

Make your event truly unforgettable with us.

Private evening Cruises to Akamas
Private evening Cruises to Akamas
mini bar on board Maditerranean One
Maditerranean One anchored in the port of Latchi
Find Answers to Your Queries about our Boat Tours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our boat tours to Blue Lagoon typically last 2.5 hours.

Yes, we provide complimentary snorkeling equipment for our guests.

Guests are encouraged to take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon when our boat anchors at this picturesque spot.

We recommend bringing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a towel, swimwear, and a camera/smartphone to capture the stunning views.

Yes, children of all ages are welcome on our boat tours. We have safety measures in place to ensure a family-friendly experience.

Yes, we offer our evening cruise for private cruises tailored to special events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate outings. Please contact us for more information and availability.

We offer boat tours throughout the day, including morning, afternoon, and evening cruises. The best time to book depends on your preference and availability.

Yes, we offer complimentary refreshments on board, including free wine, orange juice, and fresh fruits. Additionally, we have a mini bar available on board where guests can purchase snacks or other refreshments as desired.

Booking a boat tour to Akamas with us is easy! You can book online through our website by selecting your desired tour date and time. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to make a reservation. If available, tickets can also be purchased on the spot before the cruise.

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your booking up to 24 hours before the scheduled cruise. You have the option to choose either rescheduling for another date or receiving a full refund.

The safety and comfort of our guests are our top priorities. In the event of bad weather, we may reschedule the tour or offer a full refund.

While we love pets, for safety reasons, we do not allow pets on our boat tours.

Yes, there are plenty of parking spaces available around Latchi harbor, where we are located, ensuring you can park your car safely during the cruise.




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